Doctor Rupert Ouyang at his practice

Dr Rupert Ouyang - MD FRACS

Dr Rupert Ouyang is a qualified Urological Surgeon and Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) and active member of the Australian and New Zealand Urological Society. The Urology Practice of Dr Ouyang has been located in Gosford on the New South Wales Central Coast for over fifteen years. He is also a Conjoint Senior Lecturer in the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Newcastle.

Dr Ouyang had completed his urological training in Taiwan before commencing training with the Australasian College of Surgeons in Australia and New Zealand. After his Registrar years in New Zealand, New South Wales and Canberra he completed his Australian Fellowship training in Western Australia. His exposure to a wide variety of medical conditions has given him a deep insight into urological disorders and has helped develop and mature his philosophy for patient care.

Dr Ouyang has extensive experience in urological cancers especially prostate cancer, kidney cancer and bladder cancer. He has performed a large number of cancer operations including radical prostatectomy, laparoscopic nephrectomy and cystectomy. As well as general urological conditions Dr Ouyang has a special interest in urethroplasty with buccal mucosa graft for the correction of urethral stricture from previous congenital hypospadias repair or acquired urethral stricture. A visit to Dr Aivar Bracka at the Genito-Urethral Plastic Unit at Russells Hall Hospital in the United Kingdom in 2006 strengthened his previous training in this field.

With the arrival of the Da Vinci robot at Gosford Private Hospital in August 2021 Dr Ouyang has been able to apply this new technology to perform major operations which facilitates speedy recovery and provides better outcomes for his patients.

Quality Patient Care

Dr Ouyang is a keen advocate in promoting quality men's health and has always regarded patient care his first priority since starting the Gosford practice in 2006. He takes the consultation process very seriously and believes that any successful treatment for the patient starts with an accurate diagnosis.

He normally conducts a lengthy and thorough initial consultation in order to have a treatment plan tailored to suit each patient's individual circumstances. He will then take the time to explain to the patient about their condition with the belief that each patient should have a clear understanding of their problem so they are able to make an informed decision about their treatment. He believes that the holistic approach offers the best outcome for his patients.