Wollemia Urology Centre

The Wollemia Urology Centre is an award winning medical facility built by Gosford urologist Dr Rupert Ouyang to provide high quality health care for patients and to be within easy access of Gosford Private Hospital.

The building occupies a prominent position on the corner of Range Road and Henry Parry Drive in North Gosford. For the convenience of patients the car park is located directly outside the Reception area entrance of the building and wheelchair access is provided via a street level ramp at the car park entrance.

Dr Rupert Ouyang (MD FRACS)

Dr Rupert Ouyang is a urologist in Gosford at the Wollemia Urology Centre.

Dr Ouyang performs procedures at Gosford Private Hospital, Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital and Brisbane Waters Private hospital as well as Gosford Hospital and Wyong Hospital for public patients.

Dr Ouyang has extensive experience as a urological surgeon in treating urological cancers especially prostate cancer, kidney cancer and bladder cancer. He has performed a large number of cancer operations including radical prostatectomy, laparoscopic nephrectomy and cystectomy.

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Dr Edward Latif (MBBS, BSc(Med), FRACS)

Dr Edward Latif is a new urologist in Gosford with his practice at the Wollemia Urology Centre in North Gosford.

Dr Latif performs procedures at Gosford Private and Public Hospitals, Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital and Brisbane Waters Private hospital as well as Wyong Hospital for public patients.

Dr Latif has received training in open, laparoscopic and robotic cancer surgery. His studies have also taken him to Kent and Canterbury hospitals in the United Kingdom where he specialised in robotic prostate, kidney and bladder surgery.

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Professional Staff

Dr Rupert Ouyang and Dr Edward Latif have the shared goal of quality patient care. They are supported by experienced and helpful staff including Debbie Sullivan, Lisa Parravicini and Ray Harvey. They are responsive to patients needs and anxieties and can be relied upon to manage all that is necessary to ensure a positive experience for what can be an anxious time for the patient.

Wollemia Urology staff

Debbie Sullivan

Debbie is the Practice Manager at Wollemia. With many years of experience and skill in running a medical practice her friendly and caring nature further enhances our patient care

Wollemia Urology staff

Lisa Parravicini

Lisa is the Medical Secretary. She is enthusiastic for patient care and provides administrative support for Dr Ouyang and Debbie in running the practice efficiently.

Wollemia Urology staff

Ray Harvey

Ray is a professional Urological Nurse in Gosford who assists Dr Rupert Ouyang in performing minor procedures at Wollemia.

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